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Eco-Site has developed countless sites for wireless densification. We have seen firsthand the immense challenges faced by carriers to meet the ever-increasing need for wireless coverage. In highly populated communities, the issue is critical and complicated. In these areas, multiple interests are at stake: local communities, landowners and government bodies as well as carrier and technological requirements. Each problem presented to us is unique, requiring individual, customized solutions—and we gladly accept the challenge. Our case studies give a glimpse into the Eco-Site experience. See what we’ve done, and imagine what we can do for you.

Federal Heights, CO


Federal Heights, Colorado is a small community located in the shadow of Denver, Boulder and other large cities. For years, Federal Heights did not have any communication tower regulations, so tower companies developed sites on the edges of its city limits to provide coverage for stricter municipalities nearby. In response, Federal Heights implemented strong new tower regulations and took remedial action to improve aesthetics, spending millions to bury power lines and remove old towers.

When Eco-Site began work on a site capable of meeting the modern coverage demands for several wireless carriers, local officials were skeptical. However, an initial pre-application meeting gave Eco-Site the chance to prove itself a capable, accommodating partner.

The proposed tower needed to overcome multiple hurdles to gain approval. The city already hosted multiple monopoles, including two within a quarter mile of the proposed site, and close proximity to a residential development dictated strict setback requirements. And if the project was not already under the microscope, the view shed indicated that the proposed tower would be visible from nearly everywhere in the city. After numerous meetings with local officials, the team came up with a design solution that met requirements for cost, antenna systems, setback and aesthetics – a 65-foot water tower, a tasteful addition that serves as a communications facility for multiple carriers.

Eco-Site’s proactive approach made the difference, paving a way to success on a site packed with potentially derailing challenges. Federal Heights representatives expressed appreciation for the company’s work with local staff and the city recognized the importance of wireless coverage. This partnership enabled a suitable solution that upholds the community aesthetic and provides wireless coverage for residents and visitors alike.
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