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Eco-Site has developed countless sites for wireless densification. We have seen firsthand the immense challenges faced by carriers to meet the ever-increasing need for wireless coverage. In highly populated communities, the issue is critical and complicated. In these areas, multiple interests are at stake: local communities, landowners and government bodies as well as carrier and technological requirements. Each problem presented to us is unique, requiring individual, customized solutions—and we gladly accept the challenge. Our case studies give a glimpse into the Eco-Site experience. See what we’ve done, and imagine what we can do for you.

Cape Cod, MA


A major carrier approached Eco-Site in an effort to expand coverage in a quaint area of Cape Cod. While the popular New England vacation destination has plenty of aesthetic allure, it lacked sufficient wireless coverage and capacity. Strict zoning and preservation requirements make site development a difficult undertaking, but through a diligent site search and a patient, persistent development strategy, Eco-Site proved well-suited for the job. Today, a monopole stands in Marston Mills, Massachusetts, providing the area and three surrounding towns with modern-day coverage from not one, but two major national wireless carriers.

Development of any kind on Cape Cod involves a long, careful process with multiple points of review by several stakeholder organizations, as any eyesore could threaten the town’s steady stream of tourists and signature bucolic aesthetic. For starters, local development regulations forbid structures over 35 feet tall. In practice, even signs for restaurants and retail chains are ground-level and the height restriction posed a significant hurdle to developing a tower. These rules and the multistep approval process proved impossible obstacles for carriers looking to expand coverage in recent years, resulting in insufficient wireless coverage for residents and tourists alike.

Eco-Site overcame these challenges by first conducting a diligent, deep search for the perfect site—one that added coverage to the southern side of town without infringing on the residential community. The search proved fruitful with a local landowner in possession of 17 acres of thin forest who agreed to the local requirement of a 500-foot tree buffer. With the site secured, Eco-Site worked closely and amenably with local governments and the Cape Cod Commission over a multi-year period. The project passed a 25-point review process and crucially, it was granted an exemption from the height restriction, allowing a sufficiently tall tower to provide residents with significantly improved wireless coverage, capacity and 911 location accuracy.

As the project moved closer to completion, another major national carrier contacted Eco-Site with interest in colocation opportunities on the new tower. This carrier had a longstanding goal of boosting coverage and capacity in the area, and after years of unsuccessful attempts, the Marston Mills site offered the perfect opportunity to enhance their network.

The finished site features a 145-foot monopole surrounded by trees, proving that the right team and process can deliver critical modern infrastructure without costing rustic charm or picturesque scenery.
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